Current Issue

From the Beehive

Catch Queenbee making a good bijnej proposal to Gujjubee phellow.

Monkey’s Hamlet

The indomitable bard gives a candid account of how the GBF was cobbled up through soliloquies, improvisation and the downright ridiculous.

Newton’s Archimedes

Discover if the anecdotes associated with GBF more real and bigger than the people who created it.


How the rain gods sounded a discordant note in the symphony of the much awaited GBF orchestra night.

Be-car Baatein

How a no-show by cabs at the Goa airport left hundreds of GBF guests stranded.

Bombay to Goa

A budding entrepreneur shares the story of how he scored deals at the GBF.

Volunteer No. 1

About a GBF volunteer who couldn’t resist dropping pearls of wisdom much to the chagrin of others.

Dinners During the GBF

About perfect settings, nostalgia-inducing menus and the never-say-die spirit of GBF.

The Cabinet Reshuffle

Pokes light-hearted fun at cabinet ministers who got shuffled around like cards in a deck at GBF

The Matsanyaya – Gauri’s Awakening

The tale of a girl who rises to symbolize a revolution that Bengal forgot. The Matsanyaya revisited.

An Open Letter on the Use and Abuse of Language

Asks how comfortable should we be with using cuss words in public spaces?

Alibaba in Sindbad Land

About Ali Baba’s life in Salalah and his myriad experiences with the Omani people and culture.

Explaining the Poverty of India to IITians

A discourse on how a smattering of arts and humanities in the engineering curriculum can go a long way in addressing the challenges of poverty eradication in India.

Delhi’s Non Belly

Connect with the old world charm of Delhi’s belly and its multiple underbellies.


Is there a right and a wrong way of educating our children ? Yes, argues the author.

Towards Sustainable India: Pressing Issues and Solutions for Sustainable and Inclusive Development

Proposes a new model that can help to achieve sustained development for a resource-rich India.


Your ultimate ticket to a commandment free nirvana made available through a unique cloud solution.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Findings of a first-ever psychological survey on campus that investigated how happiness and stress levels in students are inextricably tied with their demographics.

Aunt Emily’s Garden ©

A tale of loss and reconciliation centered around Emily Coelho who finds solace in her home and garden even as she relinquishes them.

A Handful of Summers

A soulful requiem to the door-lined corridors, flora and fauna of H10 that was.

The Failures of the RTE Act, 2009

Assesses the outcome of the RTE Act that was passed to reform the education sector.

Acche Din – AAP Ki Meherbaani

About aam aadmi and the ever receding mirage of achhe din jo anne wale hai

Trek to Roopkund

Ascend the mystic slopes of the Garhwal Himalayas to join a pilgrimage that is held every 12 years.