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Under the Blue Jade Moon

by Karthik KSS

Illustration by Another Visual Diary by Joanna sourced at

You may not know me, nor my name,

For I am but a mere spectator.

But I will let you know that I have done

A lot more, than be a humble spectator.


I have lived in the most humble abodes,

Sometimes even in a hole in the ground.

I lived in the grandest of castles imaginable,

Sometimes alone with none other around.


I have had my share of beginnings,

Sometimes starting out as just a babe.

I have been known to be magnanimous,

More times than one, everyone’s bane.


I would set out on an adventure,

Sometimes it would end up finding me.

An adventure it was nonetheless,

Good or bad, it was all up to me.


I sometimes solved the greatest of mysteries,

That baffled even the skilled detectives.

Sometimes I set out in search of love,

Or just for the rewards and incentives.


I crushed my enemies with weapons galore,

A sword, a knife, spear, cudgel or axe.

Sometimes I used the greatest weapon, my mind,

To solve puzzles as flames gobbled up wax.


Tremendous knowledge, terrible magic,

Infinite wisdom, all in my arsenal.

I was sometimes but a foot soldier,

But sometimes, a warlord or cardinal.


I have seen epic battles fought in the skies,

Where the sky itself rollicked, or bled red.

Sometimes a battle of words and emotions,

Or quarrels for water, shelter and bread.


I fought alongside heroes of ages long gone,

Ones yet to come and ones who may never.

I fought against heroes and waged wars,

Never hesitant or backed down, whatsoever.


I have seen the unspoken horrors and terrible truths,

Of battlefields and the devastation and loss.

I have seen the aftermath of disasters, natural or not,

Endured them, survived them, coped with loss.


I have lived through famine, disease, flooding,

And all. I suffered and yet helped others survive.

I was at the brink of meeting my dear friend death,

More than once, but somehow I did survive.


I brought health, wealth and prosperity and joy,

Was hailed as the greatest heroes of them all.

I brought disease, losses and misery and death,

I was shunned away, the most evil of them all.


In the end, I always would find my way back,

To my home, to my humble or grandiose starts.

A changed being, conscience or intelligence I was,

Satisfied with my efforts, opportunities and parts.


Now it is time for a new journey, a new adventure,

One that may take me to other worlds or not.

I may get to make new friends, or meet old ones,

Such beginnings sure are fun, more often than not.


The once azure skies are now dark and starry,

I pray as I lay on the lush green grass under a shade.

Oh mighty book, where will you take me next,

As I lay under the moon that shines like a large blue jade.

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