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Fundamatics is a magazine first and foremost by and for IIT Bombay alumni, faculty and students but one that strives to reach out to the society and the nation. Its objective is to show case the stature of IIT Bombay and its alumni as well as build support among various stakeholders, highlight shared opportunities, keep alumni informed and engaged with each other, the Association and the Institute.

Although not driven by subscriber numbers, our editorial approach is similar to that of a subscription-based commercial magazine. We do not assume that our magazine will be read and enjoyed simply because its recipients have an affiliation with IIT Bombay. We strive to deliver a publication that is stylish, engaging and relevant, with demanding standards for writing, editing and design.

Submission Guidelines
Most articles in the magazine have an IITB or IITB community (student, faculty alumni or staff) connection. These may be direct and obvious (as in a feature on a technology with IITB origins or articles by eminent alumni) or indirect and casual (any general topic of interest to IITB alumni). We do feature invited articles from eminent non-IITB authors, but do so based on its relevance to the chosen theme or the expertise/insight they can share with our community of readers.

We publish articles from a broad spectrum of genres that include an overarching thematic section called ‘Fundoo Fundaes’, serious in-depth features, perspectives or opinion pieces on a chosen theme, humorous pieces, satires, latest news from I.I.T. Bombay, art, fiction, poetry , columns from eminent columnists and many more. The memorabilia and anecdotal content is captured in sections like Hos-Tales, Prof Tales etc. You could consider writing on a thematic topic or any of the other regular sections.

We encourage writers to submit articles not bigger than 1200 words, along with a short 50-75 word author’s bio and a high resolution photograph (in excess of 1 MB). For blogs, the ideal word limit should be 750 words.

With rare exceptions, we publish only original material. We do not publish reprints or slightly modified versions of prior published articles.
The purpose of the blog space is to encourage members of the IITB community to connect with one another in their own voices. Any detail of the broad canvas of human experience is fair game as subject matter.

The articles we seek are not ‘Op-Eds’ or editorials which take overtly political stands or are for advocacy, although some pieces may have political ramifications.

We value respectful collaboration during both writing and editing with the understanding that revisions, additional research and some rewriting may be necessary. Writers will be consulted on revisions; they will not be consulted during copy fitting unless the changes are so significant that they require recasting entire sections.

Because of limited space and the constraints of readers’ interest, the magazine does not generally have room to publish personal recollections about an individual’s college experience, and does not seek remembrances about deceased individuals beyond those published in the obituary notices.

Submit your articles to fundamatics@iitbombay.org


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